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5 MAXPower Tips for Snow Removal

3 MAXPower tips and tricks for snow!

1-Invest in a good shovel

A good shovel is your best buddy if you want to remove snow effectively, safely, and efficiently. There are many inexpensive shovels available, but it would be in your best interest to spend a bit more money on something a little nicer.

Find a shovel that fits your height, body type, and the amount of ground you will be cleaning comfortably. It should also be a good match. Shovels come in a variety of styles and dimensions, so be sure to take your time selecting the ideal one for your unique requirements.

2- Use Snow stakes to mark areas

In the East Coast, snow can accumulate quickly, so it can be helpful to designate the outer limits of the places you will be removing. Commercial plough firms and street cleaners can prevent burying your driveway or pathways by using snow stakes.

The stakes will also aid you in moving snow as efficiently as possible and prevent mistakenly damaging your lawn or the region around it if you plan to clear your own paths and driveways.

3- Shovel Early, Shovel Often

Ahead of winter storms may be the best course of action for DIY snow removal. Make it a point to shovel continuously while a winter storm is occurring rather than allowing metres of snow accumulate before clearing it. As a result, loads will be lighter and snow removal will be more effective.

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