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5 Ways We Can Help You Maintain Your Greenery

Landscaping is transformative for a property. In fact, it is said that the right landscaping can boost the value of your property by as much as 15%! The advantages of having a well-kept and stunning landscape are endless, and well-maintained greenery can instantly upgrade your property’s outdoor space. But as the months pass and we approach the close of the season this upcoming November, landscaping responsibilities can stack up high on your to-do list. It may be labourious, but through an excellent team of professionals, planning and customization, the right equipment, and a long-term plan, you can have your transformative property.

Wondering how you can get all that, and more? Read on to hear the 5 ways we can help you maintain your greenery! 


  • The Dream Team 

Maintaining a bright, aesthetic, and appealing greenery is hard work. It takes professional expertise to ensure a high-quality landscape during the summer and year-round. So, MAXPower has crafted a team of landscaping experts, who can take the stress right off your shoulders. Our staff specializes in a plethora of skills, ranging from overseeding to hardscaping. 

One of our team’s best skills is our flexibility. Our workers take pride in their ability to work around the client’s time and can ensure that the individual needs of every client are met, and on their own personal terms. With our dedicated team of landscaping experts, we can help you maintain your greenery in the best possible way.


  • Planning for Perfection

Every landscape area is different and can vary in grass type, size, floorplan, and style. To cater to these diverse needs, we prioritize working with property managers through private consultations! Through these consultations, we create customized plans that meet the specific needs of each of our clients’ properties. We have made the lives of over 400 property managers and developers easier by providing them cost-effective, and efficient plans that aim for perfection. We have established long-term relationships with our clients because of this, who can benefit year-round from our services.

The consultation process begins with working alongside our clients to understand their vision for their landscape. This way each client can craft a plan that meets their every desire. We also provide our clients with the opportunity to consult with experts! These experts consider possible timelines for the project, a budget, and even go as specific as analyzing the climate and which plants will thrive in Canadian weather. 

We always prioritize the needs of each client, in order to ensure that your premises are in perfect shape! 


  • Customization is Key 

Do you want your greenery to stand out from the rest? At MAXPower we provide a wide range of landscaping services, so you can do just that! When designing a landscape, authenticity, and individuality are key, and with our plethora of resources, there’s something for everyone. The personalization of our services guarantees that we will use the best materials for your landscape. 

Our services vary from things as simple as new sodding and flowerbeds to detail-oriented work such as interlocking. We additionally provide amenities that can ensure the long-term success of your greenery. Services such as our weed removal services, which ensure year-round strength for your lawn, or our overseeding, which repairs long-standing injuries on greens, can do this for you. With over 200 creative solutions to choose from, you won’t be short of any type of answer to your problems here. 


  • The Best Equipment and the Best Quality

Have you ever heard the saying- the best work is cultivated with the best equipment? Well, as professionals, we rely on intricate, innovative, and sound equipment to ensure the best landscape care for our clients. 

Equipment such as backhoes, dump trucks, and skid steers are examples of advanced tools and equipment we utilize to enhance any space. We maintain this equipment with care so that we can work smoothly, and in a timely safe manner- and have utilized this equipment efficiently on more than 200 properties! 

MAXPower provides the highest quality equipment that is up to date with the new technological advancements arising each season. We prioritize constantly updating our equipment so that our production is being optimized. Through this, we ensure the benefit of integrated safety procedures and a high-quality finish to your projects every single time. 


  • Installations You Can Profit From 

Wondering how you can ensure an increase in profit on your own landscape? A general consensus is that, the better the landscape, the more visitors there will be, and thus the more profit. However, there is a better long-term process to ensure profit from your landscape; investing in your own land. By adding modifications to your land you can increase its profitability and help your greenery improve almost instantly. We offer valuable installations that can accomplish this for you!

One of the best installations we provide is irrigation system installations. Canadian weather is unpredictable, which often has a negative impact on your greenery. Irrigation systems can make it easier to manage the health of your greenery year-round. To top it all off, irrigation systems are one of the main installations known for quickly increasing a land’s value. We provide a careful installation of irrigation systems, done totally by professionals.




So, as you trek through landscaping season, don’t fret! With our professional and flexible team, we can guarantee high-quality results on your timing. A team always needs a plan, and you have the ability to plan and customize your landscaping project with our private consultations. Our well-maintained and newly improved equipment guarantees flawless execution of your customized plans. And the icing on the cake is our surplus of investment-oriented services, that can ensure long-term profit and greenery maintenance. 

For transformative landscaping with endless benefits, you do not need to look much further. MAXPower can provide you with just that and much more.


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