One provider, One Solution

We are your one-call destination for complete facility maintenance.

At MAXPower Services our goal is to make life easier for developers and property managers by eliminating the chore of seeking professional services from multiple contractors.

Janitorial services, cleaning windows, carpets, underground power washing & landscaping (summer & winter) are all under our umbrella of services.

Contact us for a quote today as we look forward to providing you with excellent service and ensuring your satisfaction.

Who are we?

MAXPower Setives Inc. provides stellar property maintenance services to condominiums and commercial buildings. We guarantee a strong working commitment from our team as we actively go the extra mile to ensure our high standards of service.

Why Choose us?

Our clients trust us because of our:

Quality of work

Focus on Safety

Competitive Pricing

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MAXPower is devoted to providing our clients with high level cleanliness and thoroughness to ensure risk and disruption is minimized to your property.