Carpet Cleaning

At MAXPower Services, we place great value on the quality of our office carpet cleaning services – because it reflects on our client’s businesses. That’s why we place great emphasis on determining the right cleaning approach to use.

When you choose MAXPower Services, you can have confidence that you will be getting the best commercial cleaning service at the best possible value.  Moreover, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your building maintenance is in the best possible hands.  A regular commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program is ideal to maintain the performance and beauty of your carpet.

We are committed to guaranteeing the most efficient and effective office carpet cleaning services anywhere in Toronto or the broader region, by using the best equipment, supplies and methods to deliver all of our carpet cleaning services.  Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and quick drying, leaving your carpets clean and fresh-looking for a long time to come. 

The choice of a specific method will firstly be determined by the fibres of which your carpet is made from.  In addition, where your carpets are located in the building, as well as, the amount of time required or available for drying, once cleaned, will also play a crucial part in determining the type of carpet cleaning services to be provided.

Other considerations when determining which method is best to clean your carpets, include the amount of traffic that treads over the carpets, as well as the pollution, allergens and other environmental factors in and around the carpet. 

Professional office carpet cleaning services are more than about just stain removal or an improved visual ambiance.  Clean carpets contribute to healthy working environments. When deep cleaned through professional carpet cleaning services, you get more dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens removed from your carpets than you do with any amount of traditional vacuuming.  Carpet life is also dramatically increased as a result of  having them regularly cleaned professionally, resulting in less frequent carpet replacement cycle.  We understand this importance, because your office carpets represent a significant investment. Extending their life through regular cleaning and maintenance makes for a healthier bottom line…and a healthier office!

Offices, lobbies, and other business spaces need to maintain a professional environment and reputation, and an important part of doing just that is cleanliness. But every business has different needs. A busy lobby may need frequent furniture and upholstery cleaning, while a small office may only need the occasional carpet cleaning. We’ll work with you to come up with either a one-time cleaning service or a scheduled cleaning plan that meets all of your needs and fits into your budget.

We’ll work with you to first analyze your facility and customize a program that makes your carpeting look cleaner, last longer and stay healthier. Then, our professionals will deliver these services at the convenience of your work schedule.  Our service is convenient and high quality, which grants you with the ability to feel assured that you are receiving the best service possible.  With just one phone call, you too can start enjoying a healthier and cleaner working environment.  Call 416.247.2777. for your free estimate today.

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