Chandelier Cleaning

Chandeliers are a statement pieces that enhance many businesses. Unfortunately, these beautiful pieces of art are also some of the most difficult light fixtures for a business to clean and maintain.  Chandeliers, when properly maintained, can become a beautiful focal point for any room in your business. However, if neglected, that same light fixture can turn into little more than a dingy, dust covered hazard. With MAXPOwer Services, we make it easier than ever to maintain the natural brilliance and add to the longevity of each chandelier with efficient, expert service.

If your chandelier is looking a bit dull, its normal beauty and brilliance diminished, it is time for a thorough professional cleaning.  Fixtures range from single tiers with lights and drops to those that weigh several hundred pounds and need professional chandelier cleaning techniques and specialized equipment to prevent damage.

It is a fact that a chandelier becomes the focal point of whatever room it is in; having a chandelier professionally cleaned brings your business and commercial space to life. When you have your chandelier cleaned by trained professionals, you cut down on erosion and avoid future damage and repairs.

Proper chandelier maintenance ensures that your chandeliers will always keep their sparkle and look their very best. We wash, dry, and polish each individual prism by hand. All metal work is cleaned and polished, and lamps are checked and replaced if required.

Our cleaning professionals use an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution that cuts grime, but is gentle enough for your heirloom fixture. Our solution will not harm or scratch your chandelier finish, crystal, or glass.

We pride ourselves in offering superior customer service, an exceptional eye for detail, and the utmost professional care and precision when servicing your chandeliers and light fixtures.

Our cleaning professionals make certain each piece remains stunning and reflects light as originally intended. Our chandelier experts handle large commercial ballroom pieces as well as smaller fixtures.  Regardless of size and detail of your chandelier, our team provides superior service, an exceptional eye for detail and the highest professionalism while cleaning your individual piece of art.

If you want to restore the glistening brilliance to your chandelier, call MAXPower Services.  We believe that the proper cleaning of a chandelier is a testament to timeless craftsmanship and look forward to working with you to make all your chandeliers sparkle!

To request a no-obligation quote and receive professional chandelier cleaning recommendations, call our experts at 416.247.2777.

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