Rope Access

MAXPower Services provides a safe and cost-effective system for projects that require Rope Access. 

Rope Access refers to a set of techniques where ropes and specialized hardware are used as the primary means of providing access and support to workers to safely reach areas that are difficult to reach and perform their jobs while working at high-level or hard-to-reach places.  Generally a two-rope system is employed: the working rope supports the worker and the safety rope provides back-up fall protection.

This method requires less manpower yet completion time is much shorter, translating to lower costs. Rope Access systems can be installed and dismantled faster than traditional access methods, and are considered to be one of the safest in the industry.


Cost Reduction

When compared with other access solutions such as, scaffolding, rental costs, machinery installation; Rope Access is typically half the cost and very economical. As a result, your business experiences minimal downtime and increased production.


The Rope Access systems are applicable in an extensive selection of environments. You can use it to scale confined space scopes or to install complicated structural steel.

Time Efficient

It takes little time to build and dismantle Rope Access systems. Therefore, you will experience less interference with your business operations. On top of that, Rope Access guarantees fewer disruptions and a safe environment for your employees throughout the project.

Maximum Safety

Despite the perceived fragility of Rope Access, it is actually far safer than other methods. With such a huge emphasis placed on safety, and the quality of our team of highly trained professionals, accidents are prevented before they occur.


You can achieve greater rescheduling and flexibility with Rope Access. For example, when a change in weather condition happens during an ongoing projects, it takes little time to dismantle the system and change work priorities. Remember, the hire/ transportation of conventional access equipment can be such a financial and logistical nightmare if things change at short notice.

MAXPower Services offers the best, safest, and most cost effective option for property owners and managers who are looking to reduce maintenance costs. You can rely on our team of highly trained professionals to quickly and effectively work on areas with difficult access, without having to build scaffolding or create congestion within the work area. No project is ever too large or too small.

It’s quicker, more affordable, and safer than conventional systems like scaffolding, heavy machinery, and even cranes. Additionally, Rope Access is excellent for services like the installation, repair, maintenance, improvements, or decorative components installation for existing buildings like Christmas lights or neon signs can be provided in multi-story buildings.

Rope Access is economical with fewer personnel, faster completion, less equipment, and minimal downtime mean lower costs. Undoubtedly, Rope Access offers many advantages to users. Out of all the benefits, low maintenance budget requirements, and cost savings are by far the most superior.

To request a no-obligation quote and receive professional rope access recommendations, call our experts at 416.247.2777.

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