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Rope Access

MAXPower Services window cleaning via Rope Access Services is your best resource for commercial and residential property maintenance in Toronto, Ontario. Our crew can assist you on planning, set-up, and maintenance of high glass and window cleaning surrounding your property.

What is rope access?
Rope access window cleaning is a method of cleaning windows that is used to reach the highest windows
on a building. This involves the use of rope and other specialist equipment not used in other methods of
window cleaning. A formal training and certification scheme operated by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade
Association) ensures that anyone performing the window cleaning services can do so safely and effectively.
When compared to other methods of window cleaning, it is unrivalled.

Why rope access?
It is a fast, nimble, cost effective way of accessing difficult exterior work areas on a building.

Why should I use MAXPower Services for my rope access needs?

MAXPower Services treats rope access work with the seriousness it deserves. Our rope technicians are
certified, we prepare fall protection plans after carefully considering how to keep everyone safe on the
job and we also ensure the safety of passersby by clearly demarcating our work zones and having clear
signage to proceed with caution. We have a strong commitment to safety, and a keen eye for innovation
and we are focused on certifying our employees to the highest level possible. This is what sets us apart
from our competition.

Rope access technicians have the added benefit of 360° of motion and complete structure access, providing you with a superior clean, inspection, and maintenance service.

What else should I know?
MAXPower Services has the experience, the tools, and the processes to handle your exterior building work with

best in class professionalism.

Cost-effective Rope Access Technician

A qualified rope access technician is also free from the restrictions of a scaffold apparatus, meaning they can access, clean and inspect your building exterior effectively, providing you with cleaner windows, comprehensive inspections and quicker maintenance with things like window caulking.

Rope Access Window Cleaning – The safer way.

•Height safety systems and maintenance

•Comprehensive rope access licensed trade support services

•Building inspection, maintenance and restoration solutions

•High-risk abseiling services and more


Rope access window cleaning is performed with little to no environmental impacts compared to other window cleaning and building inspection and maintenance solutions.

Rope access technicians use a fraction of the water required for more traditional methods, and need no major fittings or structures added to perform their work. Rope access professionals also require much less equipment to complete their services and use fewer materials and fewer waste products.

This is not only good for the planet and the environment; it also reduces the cost of their cleaning and maintenance services. Rope access equipment is also easier to maintain than classic window cleaning apparatus and lasts a long time, making it low pollution and minimal waste industry.

For more information dial (416) 247-2777 or e-mail and one of our specialists will assist you with an inquiry.