Strip and Waxing

MAXPower Services provides quality commercial cleaning services in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA area, which include commercial floor stripping and waxing. Our professional cleaners use very high quality stripper, auto scrubbers, wax mops, wax, and buffers, so that floors are fully restored to a new and durable shine.

Your floors are an essential part of your business aesthetic. When people enter, they want to see that you care about your business.  Shiny, smooth hardwood floors are great for creating company ambiance and lasting impressions.

We understand how much daily grime can accumulate during the day-to-day operations of your business. Especially in winter months where your employees and customers will unavoidably trek in icy sidewalk salt and sand.  You probably have your floors cleaned regularly to remove the spills and footprints of a long workday. After a while though, daily rinses can seem like they’re barely making a difference. However, all that traffic causes a lot of deterioration over time. Stripping and waxing floors will fully remove buildup and renew the shine to your floors.  When it is time for commercial floors to be stripped and waxed, you will need professionals to do it properly and achieve the results you are seeking.

When you hire our professional cleaning team, we ensure floors are mopped, scrubbed, buffed and varnished on-time and regularly. Not only is extra attention paid to high-traffic areas that require focused work, but we use top-of-the-line products to get out the toughest dirt.

MAXPower Services use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, which is both great for the ecosystem and does less damage to your floors during the stripping process. They are proven to be safe for children and pets, so no matter what kind of business you are, you don’t have to worry about closing while nasty chemicals air out. It’s important to use a professional when having floors stripped and waxed, since different floor types have different needs. Using the wrong type of chemical can be toxic to you and your floors. Ensure that your surfaces are long standing by finding a trusted cleaning professional.

Every floor is unique in its own way and needs to be treated as such.  We strip all wax and remove buildup and discoloration.  We guarantee the complete removal of all the existing sealer and wax off your floor before we apply new coats of high-quality sealer and strip resistant floor finish.  Commercial floor stripping involves the right technique and product to ensure this key step results in floors that are fully prepared to take a new coat of wax.

MAXPower Services can help; as we provide complete floor care finishing and maintenance for all types of hard surface floor types. Each type of flooring requires specific care to maintain its original appearance and at MAXPower Services, we will provide you with a floor care program that is suitable for the type of floor that you have.  Not only will our team of expert cleaners properly clean your floors, we will also protect them from future damage.

Our services are tailored to fit your staff and facility needs.  We take pride in our role in making your establishment look clean and shiny.  As floor stripper specialist, we can so a one-time strip, seal and wax job as well as ongoing weekly or bi-weekly floor maintenance. 

Call us today at 416.247.2777 for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to get your floors sparkling like they used to!

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