Window Caulking

Caulking is a sealant used to close gaps in and around your property, this helps make things airtight, waterproof and dust proof, there are many benefits to caulking, such as keeping out unwanted pests (insects & rodents), preventing water damage, keeping out dust and dirt, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria by stopping water, cutting hydro costs by having better insulation (stop warm air from leaving, and prevent cold air from coming in)

Over time like many things in your commercial property, caulking starts to get deteriorated. Signs of this include rips and tears in your caulking or the color becoming distorted.  If you feel cold air creeping in, or are constantly having to raise your heat due to lack of proper insulation this could be due to worn out caulking that isn’t keeping in your warm air and is letting cold air seep in.  If you notice an increased amount of insects around your property, they could be sneaking in through poor caulking.  Improper insulation is often the cause of this situation and it can lead to thousands of dollars wasted each year, especially for a large, commercial building.  

At MAXPower Services, we provide professional caulking services to our commercial clients.  Helping transform your business into a comfortable and efficient place while saving you money with our professional window caulking services.  We provide you with a high quality job using the finest material on the market, so your commercial building becomes more efficient and looks better for a longer time.  This procedure also allows us to guarantee an optimal outcome which will last for years to come while protecting your investment at the same time.

We are trained, have top equipment and use high quality caulks for long-lasting and resistant sealing.  As experts in windows caulking installation, we make sure that the right caulking is used for their proper insulation.  We install and repair caulks in windows at the lowest and highest parts of your building and thanks to our services, you will pay less on your utility bills and avoid leaking problems.

Caulking services are an essential part of window maintenance and if you are in need of weatherproofing sealant application, call 416.247.2777 today to schedule an appointment.

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